Spinning Division

Though the units has commenced business more than two decades back, placements of machineries and spindles were well planned in strategic locations and with economies of scale in mind.

Moreover, constant modernization, technology upgradation, best work methods, along with education and training of our employees and the urge to achieve perfection makes us one of the leading yarn manufactures in India.

Machinery Details

No of Spindles 225,000
Carding Truetzschler / LMW
Comber / Draw Frames LK 64, Reiter D50
Roving Machine /Ring Frame LMW with autodoffers and linkconers
Compact Spinning Suessen Elite
Autoconer Schlafhorst 338, Murata 21 C, Muratec Q-PRO
Open End Spinning Rieter BT923, 3500 rotors
Yarn Clearers Uster Quantum Siro 3


infra spin1

Product Range

  • Ne 30s to 120s Combed and Compact single Yarn

  • Ne 12s to 30s count open end yarns