Both the units have one of the efficient and streamlined layout of machines from Blow Room to Autoconers with a builtup area of about 3,20,000 square feet. The mill has the latest machines mainly from LMW with latest technology like

1. Autolevelers in Carding, Comber & Drawing to control long thick & long thin faults & achieve better U% & CV%

2.Latest cards to mininise neps and vision shields are installed in Blow Room to remove foreign fibre contamination at initial stages itself.

3.And Mass diagrams & Mass spectrograms are used identify periodic faults in sliver

Lakshmi Retier 1200 spindle Ring frames makes the heart of our spinning section. Here we have a simulator of spinning by which we do 100% sampling of yarn from every machines periodically using Uster Quantum clearers and access machine wise faults.

As far as post spinning we have latest Autoconers Schlafost 338 Gold & Muratec 21C with latest clearer Uster quantum II SIRO Clearers. Thus all this helps us to cut on defects and contamination uniform package hardness and good unwinding characteristics.

Projects under Construction:

Before end of this financial year 2007 - 08, 50,000 spindles will be under operators & knitting machines for producing 17.5 tonnes / day will also be implemented.

And also a processing unit for 20 tonnes of yarn / day is expected to be completed.